Once again back to the town with the big ol' clock,

and for the second time in 2004 I went with some one who has never left the USA.

Now this chick has a slight fear of large objects, but when it came to Big Ol' Ben, she was totally enraptured.

Yah yah, same as the background.

After that, the fear of large structures seemed to fade away.


Even though I have been to London a few times, we managed to do a few places that were new to me.

Warwick Oxford Windsor Stratford

Saw a great show in West End.

We Will Rock You - Kinda by Queen!

The plot is quasi, but the fun and energy are fantastic!
You WILL be rocking when the curtain drops.


And a few places from the DaVinci Code

Westminster Abbey Temple Church

Abbeys, churches...
ya'd think the book was about religion.

Then back home to deal with all sorts of insanity

More details and images later, but most of the other stuff was been there, done that,
so check out images from 2000, '01 & '02 if you want to see more of the UK.