London, England, 2002!

A quick scattering of images (no details) with more to come!!!

Another trip across the pond.

A gun powder sunburst in the Tower of London.

Back to the those standing stones.

Don't we look bad?! Well...?  Woo hoo hoo hooooooooo!  You realize how cold this spike is?!?   An american looking to lean an accent.  Back to the bad guys.

Boring once, boring twice. Jeez this place has good PR.


One good thing about this tour was a trip to Salisbury. A cool cathedral from all angles.


The rest of the trip was mainly a basic tourist thing. Doing and going where everyone NOT from London finds interesting.

         Almost deja vu!   

             An old time fiddle.   Fellow Travelers.    The Real Rosetta!   Dave next to the Ten Commandments.   It's alive... ALIVE!!!! 

I will have to add, at long last the British national Gallery FINALLY had one of my favourite Van Gogh's on the wall, as well as a highly rated Monet!


 Why did we go to London for the weekend you ask, did we win the lottery? An unexpected inheritance? Nope, just round trip airfare that cost less than a night of drinking!!!!!