London 2001


OK, I admit it, this was less a holiday, and more a needed get away.

Fortunately for friends in London, it cost me little more than the price of a ticket

Which was relatively cheap right now, give it a few weeks tho.....


Since it was a quick jaunt tho, there are far less images than in the previous trips of recent times past.

First stop was a place I was told I HAD to go.


The Victoria and Albert Museum.

To the fans of the V & A, I am sorry. It did nothing for me.

 There was some neat stuff there, especially the sculptures.

Nope, no envy here....

but in the end, it just felt like a building with a bunch of old stuff in it.

Not too well organized either, there is a highly secure room with old jewelry

and you walk out of into this.

Now the armour & weapons were neat, but poorly placed

And even that room looked like a lot of stacked leftovers from Elizabeth.


To be fair to the V & A, I did visit the building on the day I arrived in Jolly Ol' England,

So I was a bit tired, and that may have altered my point of view.

Oh yes, and let us not forget the Louvre was only 2 months ago.

Being so recent, it may have me tainted toward other museums for a while.

Cuz nothing compares to the Louvre. (OK, d'Orsay has a chance)

It is more than the art, it is the buildings!!


On the bright side, there is the Tower! Now that was a pretty nice place.

A Tour is recommended for 1st timers.

He may be the guide, but not just a guide!

The requirements to be accepted as a Tower beefeater are quite stringent.

Inside an out the Tower is something of a must see. There is a lot of history to learn...

or be reminded of.

And some great shots (Still standing)... (The Bridge, not me!)

Plus better armour than the V & A.


The only thing about the Tower, and a great deal of British sites, is that they oft times do not allow pictures to be taken. Unlike Egypt where it was all a matter of price!

So, no pictures of the Crown Jewels or the other neat stuff found in that VERY secure room.

After the Tower was the National Gallery of Art.

A very nice place, but again, no pictures allowed (even w/o a flash)

I snuck this one in tho. :) (The picture does not do it justice)

And finally off to Stonehenge.

I was quite lucky, apparently it had been closed for 5 weeks, (something about socks and teeth disease?)

But it once again opened its gate the day before I departed the British Isles.

OK... It was a bunch of rocks, not as big as they appear in the pictures, and no feeling of awe.

But at least I can now check it off the "Been There Done That" list.

Do not get me wrong, I am a firm believer in places of Hidden Awe.

Just take a trip to the Isle of Skye and you will see what I mean.

I finished of the day with a bath.

I mean IN Bath! Neat place (been there, done that now)

Back to London and a birthday party. Then back home to the real world.

Better for the trip, but with not so many exciting tales.

OK, this is the quick cut from the trip, and should be improved.

I definitely have to include some stuff about their horse race

called The Grand National. It was a historical race,

only two out of fourty! made it! (ok, two more did make it, about 5 minutes! after the 1st one)

With that, I bid those of you curious types who wandered here adieu. 

I promise a change in the future.