The days in Paris


OK. Just a real quickie here, due to the modern age of digital technology I can put images on the WEB just hours after returning from points far gone.

Hopefully the page will improve in the near future, but for now. this is all ya get. :) 


No ongoing journal of events. Just photos for now.

Uh.. Jeez.. I wonder what this is...


Not a huge doors fan, but I had to pay homage at his gravesite (if he is really in there) Besides.. I had something to leave behind ...

OK... who the HECK is Valerio. Some one recently dead (like '89), but all I know is that he has a cool grave.



Notre Dame. No hunchback to be found 



A typical Parisian cafe near Sacre Coeur 


And since I was there.... Sacre Coeur. (Better than Notre Dame) 


The Arc D' Triumphant

Dem bones, dem bones,     dem  Catacombs


It's a quickie, but Le Musee d'Orsay is here!!

And now onto the MAIN event!! 

Look, a new Pyramid has been found! 

(Actually the Entrance to the Louvre)


OK, now before I toss in some pictures of the Louvre, I will have to see if I can find a word to describe it.


OH..... MY ... God!!!

Oh.. Just one word? Sacre-Blue!!!!

The place was INCREDIBLE, and this is a totally non-artistic person talking. I fear anyone with an artistic flair would be in real trouble. 

OK, before I post the horridly inadequate photos, there are a few things I feel I should say.

First, some hints should you ever desire to explore the Louvre. 

    1) Bring a video camera, attach it to your shoulder, leave it running. (You can not take pictures of everything)

    2) Bring a digital camera. With a MAXIMUM sized memory chip. (Far cheaper than developing all the photos later)

    3) Bring a second memory chip for the camera.

    4) Bring a lap top to down load the pictures once you have used up all the memory.

    5) Travel in pairs. That way one person can guide while the other person stares at the ceiling. Swap roles frequently.


OK, now that you have some ideas on how to prepare yourself, here are a helpful hints once you are inside the Louvre.

    A) Always plan your route that you will return the way you came. Guaranteed you will miss something the first walk through. Better to walk down and back and make sure you did not miss one great piece of art while you were distracted by another.

    B) EVERY TIME you come to the end of a section, turn around, look back, see what you missed. Be prepared to go back.

    C) Do not have any foolish ideas that you if you want to see a specific exhibit, you can proceed there rapidly from another part of Le Musee Louvre. It ain't gonna happen. Trust me.

   D) You WILL get lost. This is not a bad thing.

Some final info before you get to see the pictures.

   If you are like me, being totally non-artistic, then plan a full day to explore the Louvre, If you have even the slightest flair for the creative, plan for three!!


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