travels/99-Israel !

Like Egypt, for now it is just a quicky.


Church of the nativity                                     A claimed place of birth.                            Once it was a hill called Golgotha, now it is a church on a hill, and here is another claimed spot.


Capharnum, .. read the sign for details.                                     A place being dug up.                    

Floating in the Dead Sea.                          And again                    The Dead Sea Library, or at least where some scrolls were saved.

Some of us on the bow of the boat as we traversed the Galilea                     Birds over that same pond.

The River Jordan. Pretty impressive, eh? Picture is shot in the area where John was said to have enjoyed dunking people.

A view from the Masada Peaks, down low is the outline of what was the Roman encampment.                         Another view from the peaks, you can kinda see the Dead Sea in the background.

A cool model of Jerusalem about 2k years ago.

The Wall. 'Nuff said.

Well, at least it is definitely kosher.