The first of my big international travels as a civilian.
Not a bad place to start. Some pretty dramatic stuff.

Um.. the Pyramids...  Fake camels too. Just for effect. The Sphinx...Which came first, the Sphinx or the Pyramid? The Nile...Sunset on the Nile.

The trip began in Cairo. I was there with the then girlfriend Wendi.

The Colossus of Memnon (Well, all that is left of it.) It was her idea to check the place out.

Day one took us to the Egypt Museum where we saw the guts of Tut (cue Steve Martin) Tut's Guts, kept all nice and neat in the Cairo Museum
and the original copy of the Rosetta Stone. .

After that we went to the Citadel where Wendi was incredibly popular .

The next day was a variety of Pyramids, the big 3, Actually, just one of those fake backgrounds behind me.

With some good pictures of the monsters.

OK.. they built this HOW?!?!?!              A long way to the top!         The middle rock pile.

Sadly we arrived too late to explore the largest pyramid, however, we did get to go into the smallest of the three.
From the outside, The smallest of the 3 pyramids, and the only one we got to go in! and deep inside.  In the depths of that small Pyramid with a new buddy.

Now just as a general matter of note, there are pyramids ALL OVER travels/99-Egypt.

The ones most of us know about just had better P.R.

After we left the Pyramids, we took a camel ride  I rode a camel for a mile. to the Sphinx.
So sits the Sphinx... Quiet  ....... Lonely   Riddle me this.   3 Incredible Monuments of History.

Later we saw the first (Steppe) Pyramid,  The Steppe Pyramid. The first one built. Think - Y2K & add another 700 years. and then we traveled to the Valley of the Kings and into their tombs. Inside some Pharoah's tomb.. Outside we saw where Tut was found. and on leaving the Valley, we stopped at the Colosi of Memnon.


OK, to be honest, this write up is coming 5 years after the trip. I remember the trip, but some of the details are beginning to fade.

Here are some of the other Key Points.

A plane ride  South to Aswan, where we saw a pretty impressive dam .

With Aswan Lake on one side, and the Nile on the other .

We took a shot hike and checked out the Nasser Monument outside and in before we left.

The whole travels site is a work in progress (and memory tasking) so without the tales, here are a few other cool sites from our travels in travels/99-Egypt.