I ain't even done with my travels to A'dam, and now I got this, sheez.
This trip, like the last, was with a beautiful Red Head from Revel Grove.
The only difference was this lass did not know where we were going until the morning we left.
All she knew was to show up with a passport, and off we went!

That unsuspecting victim would be the Lovely Lady Joyce,

friend from London and companion in Ireland.

For now, just a few quick images from the trip.

The flight there was on Austrian Air, where a window seat is no big deal.
On Austria Air, you don't need a window seat.

Day 1: Jet lagged walks by monuments for
Strauss strums for a jet lagged Tigger. & Mozart Ah Wolfy, ye knew how to play!.


as well as Lippizaner tours  Able to leap over tall bales of hay in a single bound.

Day 2: Back to the horse palace

Damn! These Lippan-Loopy horses got it better than me!

And Museums.  First to the Albertina.

Not much to show as there was not much there. However...

Interlude 1: Ever heard of the play "ART"?

Uh huh, they really call this art.
I thought it was humorous play. Nope. It was reality Broadway.
If you have not seen the play, you will not understand the image. Don't try.

Next we went shopping... Shopping. No translation required.
For that matter, no pictures either, after all, no sparkly shoes were purchased.

Interlude 2: Dogs Rule!!

Food & Water inside stores for the upper class.

Back to the story...

Next we hit a museum in competition with the Louvre.

A rival of the Louvre, with a better entry hall.  

The Kunsthistorisches Museum
The Lovely Jo addresses the masses.     

The final day: (in brief, we walked!)

Castles, Theatres, Churches, Parks, and the Symphony!

   Inside Schloss Shonbrun, the GRAND Ballroom  A splendid actor in a splendid theatre.  Votive church, the source of all candles!  

Tigger on the Mount   Ah aaah ah aaaaah ah aaaaah Gloriette! In excessive bieria!   The Prater, Think Orson and Cuckoo!!

Great music, OK seating.

Done... for now.