And so we arrived in a place far colder than Cancun, and a helluva lot more scenic. Skiing in Austria and sight-seeing in Germany , it was a great time. My fellow travelers were Alison & Dave . Instead of diving deep, we climbed up to the heights and endured the elements. The first day on the slopes was at Axamer Lizum , good weather, and great scenery . The skiing was great, long runs and short lines!

The next day Dave and Alison returned to the slopes, while I checked out Innsbruck. It was a miserably wet day, but there were a few museums to stay dry in. Volkskunstmuseum was the most interesting, with Hofkirche (Court's church) in an adjoining building. An impressive place of religion. The Golden Roof - Maximilianeum Museum was a real bust, The Ferdinandeum was an OK place, and the City Tower reaffirmed STEPS and Europe. A little more wandering then it was back over the river to Hotel Tauterman.

The next day was a big one for me, as it was off to Schloss Neuschwanstein. First we stopped in Oberammergau, home of the Passion Play. As I said, it was just a stop, no real time to explore. The most notable part of the village was the painting on the walls of the houses. Then on to the main attraction. Schloss Neuschwanstein! From the distance, it did not look too impressive. That perspective changed vary quickly as we walked up the road. First we walked past the Castle of Ludwig's daddy. Then from up the road towards the main event. Closer and closer we got. Finally we were in the courtyard waiting for the tour. Now Neushwantein is a must see, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is tehre is no open walking, and the tour SHOOTS you through the castle. This is a pain as there is a great deal to see in the schloss, and no time is given to absorb your surroundings. Next, they do not allow pictures inside the castle, so you are not allowed to take pictures like and this, or this. One thing of interest is that Ludwig definitely had something for the tails of Arthur. The imagery of the Round Table is ALL over that castle. Now they claim the picture rule is to preserve the colours in the original paint. So obviously they meant no FLASH photography, and no flashes were used in the taking of the previous pictures. Here is a tip that might get you into a little bit of trouble. If you are not rushing thru the castle, (like to get back to the bus) then try to fade back from your tour group, and blend in with the one behind you. You may not understand the language, but it will give you more time to check out the castle. Now you may not get away with it, but it is worth the effort. Also, the tour probably only shows you about 30% of the castle. After the castle, the trip back to Austria was delayed by one big ol' flat , then kick back relax time.

I can't say much for the next day. One half day of skiing at.. uh.. what was that slope? Either way, it was wind and white, blizzard conditions. The only way you could tell some one was skiing near you was the sound of their skis on the ice. Still, Ali made a new friend , so there was something good about the day.

One thing not mentioned thus far is the friends we made on our trip. Brianna and Kristen from Denver, and furball .This cat was so big he opened doors on is own with little effort. Anyhow, that segue was only to explain why five of us went out that night, not just three. We had a good time wandering the streets and drinking absinthe at Krahvogel , then we called it a night.

Our final day on the slopes found us on a Glacier. High in the mountains, enduring the cold winds and bitter low temperature (-9 centigrade) It was a blast!!!       I could tell you more, and maybe later, but not right now.


The final day of the trip was spent in Munich, and all I can say is one day was not enough! Anywhere you wandered there was something to see, from the Glockenspiel to the Residence , it was a great day. We wandered for a bit, then Dave , Ali , and I split up to check out different sights. Here are a few shots from that day.

The final day ad a long delay in the Munich Airport (but Ali found ways to keep occupied) and then a long flight home.   

Next up, in just a few weeks. Amsterdam.