Having finally sobered up from Mardi Gras, it was time to do something about it, so with some friends, it was off to...

The totally real Cancun!

Four of us went, and amazingly, four of us returned.

Alison and Josh looked to suspicious to allow into Mexico w/o being searched.   Ali is the first to fall for Mexico


A quick trip to a warmer part of the world,


and we started with a Booze Cruise to La Isla Mujeres.

Monica...    and Lewinsky... do what sand sharks do.

Past the Guardian Sharks, And the Party Began!!


Damn!!! Where is Debra Winger when I wanna impress her?   That's really not one of your friends is it?  -=- Uh.. yeah. I guess he is.

While I tried to be an urban cowboy, Josh met a young Philly.

Ow, ow, ow, ow ow!!!! And that's all I have to say about that.   Too hot and sizzlin' in too many ways.   Anthony lets the dogs out.

Plenty of entertainment was provided, with both local and imported talent.

   Do I look drunk yet?  Josh gives me instructions on a proper drunken expression.  Ali looks on with sober amusement. Yah, sober.. sher she is.  

Josh and I practice a drunken look for the return trip home while Ali maintains her composure.

The next day Josh and Ali headed off to see the jungle above the water,

while Dave and I went inland and checked out the caverns. Due to heavy rains, we had to wade thru some puddles to check out the caves.



That night, the party continued.


One? OK I must be drunk cuz I am seeing three!   OK, think of a smart ass comment for this one, cuz I can't right now.

Some Hard Rocker's, before and after.

Oh Jeez.. did I really do that last night?   Good gosh, you call this beer??!!?   Wow... so this is what a blow job feels like!!

Josh suddenly remembers what he did the night before, Alison is appalled they served her a Coors Light, and Dave displays amputation on a Cancun budget.

The Booze cruise may have ended, but the boozing didn't.



The pictures say a lot, but feel free to add your own details.


They made us leave our pet Swan behind, but we finally made it to the airport, on the plane, and back to Virginia.



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