Where's Tigger??

OK, I know that MANY people who have come to this site are wondering...


I am Tigger. OK, the striped tailcoats and spring-loaded tail are in the closet, but the name is still one that I have borne for a great number of years.

Why, you ask? (or maybe not)

Here is where we get into the 'all about me' part of the WEB page.

The nickname all began before I was of legal drinking age. I was a young sailor on board the USS Tautog (SSN 639) A US Navy Fast Attack Submarine.

USS Tautog (SSN 639) Sturgeon Class Fast Attack

Let me tell you about submarines. They are small! I mean broom closet PUNY! And I am not coordinated. So more often than not, I would turn around, and find a hard locker in a place it had not been a few moments before. BAM!!! Head meets locker.
Now that alone is not a good reason to earn the name of Tigger. Let me tell you something about sailors. They have no pity! So when head met locker (torpedo rack, buoy, etc...) The conversation usually went like this;

Crew member: "Didn't that hurt?!?"

Me: "Do you care?"

Crew member:  "No, not really. But didn't that hurt?"

...at which point I would walk away.

Now here is the second reason I was awarded this name on the Tautog. Not only are submarines small, they also stay underwater for extended periods of time. The air is recycled... repeatedly. When we came into port, and the hatch was opened, I rarely used the ladder to get to the deck. I was there in one bounce. Proving the tail was made out of springs. And thus I was awarded the nickname of Tigger by the crew of the USS Tautog.

After the Tautog, I was assigned to the USS Buffalo (SSN 715)

USS Buffalo (SSN 715) LA Class Fast Attack

This ain't the USS Buffalo, but all wet subs look the same.

688 Fast Attack Emergency Blow

We rocked. 3x Battle E winner. Plus lotsa stuff we did that I can not tell you about, otherwise I would have to.... yah yah, you know.

Anyhow, after the name was given, I was not inclined to give it up, and at this point I am known by more people in this world as Tigger than any other name.

Wanna know more about me? What? Are you an insomniac who can't afford sleeping pills? What are you doing here anyhow?

If ya ain't snoring yet, I will break out the family album. Below is my oldest child.

Here are the two yung un's in their youth.

The hardest part for them was when I brought a cat into the house.

NOT!!! But cute, eh?

Where else have I been? Hmmm, let's see...

Australia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Guam, Hawaii

Guam, Australia, Singapore, The Philippines, Jamaica, Venice, Rome, England, Scotland, Ireland (North & South), Austria, Czech Republic, China, There's more... wait for the pictures.

The first of these trips were from my navy days, a few as a Navy Brat, more when I was a Squid myself. Serving on ships that sank on purpose, but fortunately had a 1:1 sink:surface ratio!! Refer to top of page!!

Sheez, all over, and I ain't done yet. The WEB site is way out of date as of 2017, I will catch up.

I would say check back, but all the new stuff won't be here.