Max Magician & The Legend of the Rings.

Now On DVD & Video. Check your local Wal Mart!

This is the story if a young elfin princess, and the boy she thought was from out of this world!!

Alumnus, Arwen School of Kickin' Butt!! Quid.. what?? That's for wimps! Try some Unceile Bashing for fun!!

but then some unwashed heathens came a'knockin'

Sniff... sniff.. OK!! Who took a bath!?!?!?  Scooby Doo!!! Where are you!?!?!

The Bluebells (another name for the cute little elves) sent their fiercest warrior out to battle them.

You don't even wanna see my POUTY look!!!  You think this is bad? Just wait til I discover that thing called PM something.

Sadly, she needed help, so more Bluebells were called to battle.

I know people love tree huggers, does this count?     Sorry pretty lady... I did a stinky.   If you rub my magic staff, it will make me more powerful!

But the the bad guys were led by one ugly dude and his bad-ass Warlord!

Dagda in 2004!!   OK, he may be a horny one, but I am cuter.

 So the UnSeemLee.. uh, Unceile stood strong! <-- (pronounced UN-SEE-LEE)

I said no photos!!!  You looking at me? I don't see anyone else, so you must be looking at me.   OK, where is that mean little kid now that I have my buddies!!!  Look, our dinner is laughing!

The reinforcements were called out!

Oy-ul... We need oil !!! Where's that girl with the dog?   Ok... the rabbit goes under the hedge, around the tree...   Dad, I think Alex has got a bad case of scales. (refer to dinner shots)   Smart-ass comment excluded for my own safety.   Wait!!! I am one of the good guys!

And injuries ensued!!

Steve Martin got his arrow idea from me!!   OK, in cricket you progresses by the bowling of balls. Come a little closer and I will show you what I mean.   Hey guys... a little assist here please.  The invention of the elfen necktie. Needs work.   Please take the blanking picture so we can get back to killing one another!!!   OK, can you two hold that pose for a few minutes?

But in the end, it was old fashion politics that saved the day!!

He's too horny for me Pam, I call dibs on the other cute one!   This has got to be the best looking boyfriend I have ever had. 

And in the end, everyone got along.

Luke.. I am your father.  And you wonder why the Unceile want our women?  Happy Happy Joy Joy   Shhh The princess thinks I am out raiding a pixie village.   Yah bay-beee.   You are forgiven, Now go & Sin some more.

 The Royals came out of hiding and threw a party.

    He said throw a party, not a cake!    Hey Max, can you use your magic to whiten my teeth some more?

  OK... Yu giv me moor Puffy leavs und I will quit bangin' yu.   Ooo.. Does mousey want me to scratch his ears?  

Then everyone went to a fish dinner!!!

Whas it something I said?  I call dibs on the claws!  Have you noticed the bluebell ladies seem to like the bad guys? So how has your luck been tonight?

Now, I promise the real story is a WHOLE lot better!!!

Damn! I came to kick butt and the battle is over!

Here are some pictures that didn't make the director's cut for the tale above

I'm good, I'm bad... I'm bad, I'm good!!! I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!   OK, now move the castle a little more to the left.   I got a bright light, now where are those Gremlins?   OK, who's gonna tell Kevin we forgot to load the film?  Beware the deadly one earred attack.

Such beauty, lucky is the man who gazes upon them.   Well, give him a few years, and then... well... give him a few more.  

  Ladies knight out.      Max Metal  OK... One more time.  Can you hit the ground a little harder next time?  OK, Watch the eyes, Prince Charming.

I am running out of ideas.. fill your own comment in here.   When are they gonna make a hair club for Ogres??   Dad told mom he wanted a mudslide. I hope I made this right.   Make up!!!!   Yodel Lay Hee Hoooo!!!!

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my screen shot.        Heh, heh. In this land they will call it the MAXerena.   


I think we can get more viewers than the Osbournes!!

 Calling all Extras, or any other actors who made it here. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me Although all I am gonna do is pass it on to our illustrious director for answers.


Moving Pictures!

These are some big files. Be warned.

Practicing the Fight  (3.69 mb)

Kick Back  (2.34 mb)

Big Bully  (6.98 mb)

Max Metal (1.57mb)

The Bad Guy  (744 kb)

Over the Hill (5.04 mb)

Beat 'Em Down (3.62 mb)

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