What is the best thing about a man in a kilt?

The beautiful women around him.


Magic helmut!! Maaagiic helmuut!

This page guarded by the sword & magic  helmet!!


Ah, the Maryland Renaissance Festival A great place of fun & friends.


In a unique way, I have been graced with the company of each of these beautiful maidens.
I can not complain, and in most cases, neither can they.

Edie MacKay

In all that is seen, the furthest from, in all that is real closer than any other ever could be.

The exquisite Ginger


Jennifer Boetcher

Most radiant, exquisite and unmatchable beauty

The fairest Jenny


Tell me what blessings I have here alive

Christina, so wondrously full of life.


Natalie, a Roguish lass out to steal hearts.


And is not my hostess of the tavern a most sweet wench?

So Sweet, So fair, the lovely Diva Deb


There is so hot a summer in my bosom

Beautiful Summer, no matter what the season may be.

Sunshine "GiGi" on my Shoulders

Stephanie, living proof of the " (Most) All the good ones..." theory.

Susan, so wild at heart, yet held in love.

Susan (Will's sister)

We will bestow you in some better place, Fitter for sickness and for crazy age.

Beware the Gemini's.

How like a dream is this I see and hear! Love, lend me patience to forbear awhile.
Brittany Wittelsberger

Brittany - more of a Picasso than a Van Gogh!

Brittany Wittelsberger


O yes, I saw sweet beauty in her face 

The oh so shy Allie

For beauty lives with kindness

& in close competition for shy title, Heidi


She's a most exquisite lady

The seamstress supreme Quinn

Of colour like the red rose on triumphant brier

So Very Fluffy

And cupid grant all tongue-tied maidens here

Jennee, Me & MeeMee

(Awright, Jenn & Mimi, I was told to spell them right or DIE!)

Wendi Black

friends true and constant

The happy troll Iggle. aka Wendi

Join with the nymphs in a graceful dance

The ever so Nimble lioness KT


Shakespeare was a man of words that said all that would ever need said about all that may ever occur. Hold still on each of these maidens and find words that speak of their beauty.


Hmmm.. Just like the original, Judas all cozied up with the big guy. Some people play the part so well.

The Last Supper (of the season).